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Pet Cremation Company in Glendale, Arizona

Receive high-quality pet cremation services and urns from our company in Glendale, Arizona. Animal Cremation Services knows that the loss of your pet is a difficult and emotional time because your pet is "More than just a Pet." That is why we provide you with pet cremation services as well as a full-line of urns and keepsake jewelry to help you always remember and honor your treasured companion.
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Helping You Heal
Family owned and operated since 1982, our pet cremation company is caring and compassionate when it comes to helping you make the best decision on the disposition of your pet. You'll be treated with the respect and dignity you deserve while we take care of you through this difficult time in your life.
Qualified to Assist You
Licensed with the Veterinarian State Board of Arizona, Animal Cremation Services works with you and your veterinarian to make sure your friend is handled with care that he or she deserves.
Animal Cremation Services offers the following services:
  • Basic Cremation: No Ashes Returned
  • Special Cremations: Ashes Returned
  • Witness Cremation: Associated Fee, and by Appointment
  • State Licensed Documentation
  • Disposal: Sharps, Hospital Waste, Confidential Records Destruction, etc.
  • Container Supply: 2 gallons / 8 gallons
  • Home pick-up and Standby Veterinary Assistance
  • Cremation Rush Services 24, 48 & 72 hour turnaround available

Contact our animal cremation company at 623-842-0908 to find out how you can properly honor your treasured companion.

5348 W Bethany Home Rd, Glendale, AZ 85301
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